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What kinds of US scholarship are there?

At PeakUSA we mainly deal with academic and athletic scholarships. In general, athletic scholarships will make up the majority of our athlete’s scholarships. This is money that coaches are allowed to allocate to the athletes on their team. The amount of scholarship a candidate receives will be based on their ability and performance. If they perform well for the team, their scholarship award can increase during their 4 year career.

Students can also get the opportunity to receive academic aid. Each university requirements for this aid vary but it is usually based on GPA and SAT score.The higher the academic level of the university, the harder it will be to receive academic aid.

Some universities may also have different grants and international waivers available. For example, certain universities can give you scholarship depending on factors such as the country that you’re from, your economic background or family situation. The aim of these grants is to make higher education as accessible as possible to anyone that wants it.