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Excellent funding opportunities for university/college tuition fees, accommodation, meals, travel and more.


Degree in your chosen field from world-renowned universities.


Access to golf and sporting facilities as well as study support and tutoring.


Golf competitions and practice all year round.


Over 82% of PGA and LPGA Tour golfers competed at collegiate level before turning professional.


Travel all over the US competing whilst furthering your education.
What we Offer



This is the first step in the scholarship recruiting process. We will look at your sporting abilities as well as your academic achievements, grades and CV. Based on this information we will decide whether you are a candidate for a golf scholarship. If we decide to work together, we will start the next steps in the  recruitment process.


We will watch you play 9 holes and film various shots at a mutual venue or at your home course. This will be expertly edited it into a swing footage show reel which will showcase your talent to the US college golf coaches.


We have connections with all of the US college coaches and know what they are looking for in players. We take a proactive approach to getting you an athletic scholarship by contacting coaches directly and sending out promotional material to them.


We will create an account with the NCAA or NAIA for you and also pay for one of these governing body eligibility centres. Due to NCAA/NAIA rules the student must complete all information required by the governing bodies. These are important because coaches will often ask for your eligibility ID number and you also must be cleared in order to receive aid, practice and play within each governing body.


There are over 1,300 colleges and universities in the United States which offer golf or academic scholarships. We assess your grades, athletic ability, as well as your personal needs to help narrow down your options.


We are also available to help you personally with items like student visas, travel insurance, college applications, or anything else that help is needed.








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As a parent appointing PeakUSA was essential to successfully navigating the US college scholarship process. We didn’t know much about the US, colleges or scholarships. Being such an important decision, we wanted the best advice possible. Gemma spent a significant amount of time watching Nellie and talking to us as parents to build a picture of her golf game and her personality. She was very clear with us what standard and type of college she could envisage her at, and what our expectations should be. Gemma has been fantastic at explaining the process and the next steps along the way. Things you would not know, such as when and how to register with the NCAA, how to manage a formal visit and what to expect from the colleges.
We have been delighted with the number of introductions that PeakUSA made for us. Nellie had numerous conversations with different colleges, all of which felt well selected and viable. Gemma’s knowledge of the various colleges and what they can offer is vast. Gemma has been incredibly reassuring, giving guidance on when to act, and when to wait, helping to alleviate those worries. Furthermore she has always been available to field my numerous questions to put my mind a rest, however trivial they might seem. Our journey involved a fantastic trip to the US to visit 4 potential colleges. This was logistically demanding, and Gemma was instrumental in pulling this trip together successfully. Ultimately this resulted in a verbal commitment to an excellent college, a very happy child who knows what to expect when they land, and parents who know their child is in great hands. What was also clear on those visits was how much the coaches in the US value Gemma’s opinion. From start to finish PeakUSA and Gemma have given us a first class service.

James and Harriet Ong

James and Harriet Ong

Nellie Ong, The Ohio State University

As a professional golfer who studied in the US, Gemma Webster offers an unquestionable level of experience and knowledge to ensure you find the right university that fits both your level of sporting skills and academic ability. The support and advice she gave us simplified the whole process and this has continued way past the point of acceptance. PeakUSA made the whole process easy to manage and I would not hesitate in recommending them in helping you navigate the complicated world of gaining a sports scholarship to study in America.

Steve and Louise Baker

Steve and Louise Baker

Jess Baker, University of Central Florida

We chose PeakUSA because Gemma took the time to meet with us and explain the US collegiate process. She helped us every step of the way and found the university which would be a perfect match for our daughter. It is clear Gemma cares about her clients and she made sure Caley was 100% happy before committing to her university. Her personal approach made us as parents feel at ease throughout this somewhat daunting process and we would thoroughly recommend PeakUSA and Gemma for your child’s journey.

Kay and Jay Mcginty

Kay and Jay Mcginty

Caley McGinty, The Ohio State University

Gemma and PeakUSA are different to the other recruiting agencies, everything is more personal and one-to-one. From our first conversation with Gemma right up to February 2023 when Maggie verbally committed to join the University of Virginia, Gemma has been absolutely instrumental in the process. She has a wealth of contacts spanning across the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA. She will put you in contact with a whole host of coaches that are the right fit for your child. Her knowledge of what coaches are looking for is unrivalled. Gemma’s honest and transparent approach clearly steers you through how the college coaches work. As she gets to know you, she is constantly thinking of the best fit for your child. She has also been a God-send when it comes to key dates in the calendar,  planning and arranging Maggie’s SAT exams in preparation for the official visits. We firmly believe we wouldn’t be in the position we are in were it not for Gemma and her constant guidance. PeakUSAreally are the best in the business!

Andy and Nicola Whitehead

Andy and Nicola Whitehead

Maggie Whitehead, The University of Virginia

We had a great experience with PeakUSA with our eldest daughter Noa so it was a no brainer where Fleur was going. Fleur and Gemma got on the train and Fleur enjoyed the ride. Fleur had several NCAA D1 offers and Gemma helped Fleur to sort out the offers and decide what university would be the best fit for her future.  It was a tough decision and Fleur found it difficult to let coaches know  but she learned with the support of Gemma that Coaches are used to this and they understand. Fleur chose Missouri University in the SEC division where she will join Coach Caroline Westrup and her golf team in August ‘23.

Rene and Ester van Beek

Rene and Ester van Beek

Fleur van Beek, The University of Missouri

We came in contact with Gemma when our daughter Noa decided she wanted to play US college golf. We loved the honest approach Gemma has. She gave us strong guidance about the road ahead and helped Noa navigate through the process.  During a difficult time when Noa had to step out of her verbally commitment Gemma was there, as we expected, and helped reassure Noa. Noa committed for a full scholarship at K-State womens golf team in the BIG XII division. Noa is doing very well on and off the course and is enjoying the team  coaches Kristi Knight and Jared Helin. We are very happy and pleased our daughter is in the right place and living her dream.  Gemma still keeps an eye on Noa. Also after the signing team PeakUSA  stands.

Rene and Ester van Beek

Rene and Ester van Beek

Noa van Beek, Kansas State University
We were introduced to Gemma and PeakUSA by recommendation and joining her was the best decision we made.She has guided and supported us through a process we knew nothing about resulting in Ben receiving a good offer from an excellent university.
It is reassuring to know Gemma is on hand should we need her when Ben begins his USA adventure.
We are excited to see what the future holds for Ben when he joins Coach Pumford and the team.
Bryan and Andrea Willis

Bryan and Andrea Willis

Ben Willis, Oakland University