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The definition of a scholarship is “a grant or payment made to support a student’s education, awarded on the basis of academic or other distinction”.

The process can vary depending on your age, ability, country of origin, and other factors. However, here are the steps that are generally followed in the sports scholarship process.





Typically our clients leave to go the US after full time education.  You can take 1 calendar gap year should you wish. The maximum age to apply to PeakUSA is 18 years old.

Not every student in America will end up lasting the 4 years. This can be due to various reasons such as homesickness, injury, lack of form, inability to adopt to culture or climate, or maybe academically a student struggles with course work. If this is the case, we would advise the student to complete year 1 to allow them to transfer back to a UK university.

If you plan to come home due to any of the above reasons, our advice is to complete year 1 at university in the USA before doing so. The main reason is you can transfer the credit back to a university in your home country and resume the course in year 2 rather than start all over again in year 1. It also keeps the option open to return to the States should you wish return at any stage.

Usually when coaches talk about costs to attend their university they include tuition fees, accommodation, food and books. If you’re lucky enough to receive a full scholarship, this can include everything you need at college. However, every university defines a full scholarship as something different. The ‘out of pocket’ expense is the cost that you will need to pay to the college per year. Some universities cover health insurance in their package but in general you will always have to pay for 2 return flights a year and health insurance.

On very rare occasions, an athlete will be offered cost of attendance. This is money that will be given to an athlete for them to use however they chose. They can use this money to pay for flights, any extracurricular activities or can be saved for when they finish college. It’s important to note that only the most elite amateur athletes will be offered cost of attendance and it is not something that is offered at every university.


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