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Molly McDonald
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Sex :
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Desired Start Date to US :
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average:


  • (24/03/24) Junior Captains Drive In
  • (07/04/24) Junior, Scratch & Tiger’s Trophy
  • (21/04/24) Junior Monthly Medal
  • (28/04/24) Junior Jubilee Trophy
  • (05/05/24) Junior Lady Captains Prize
  • (14/05/25) Sandmoor v Cookridge (H)
  • (19/05/24) Junior Monthly Medal
  • (21/05/24) Sandmoor v Scarcroft (H)
  • (02/06/24) Junior, Rabbit & Ladies Trophy
  • (04/06/24) Sandmoor v Waterton Park (H)
  • (09/06/24) Junior Monthly Medal
  • (11/06/24) Sandmoor v Woolley Park (A)
  • (16/06/24) Junior Club Championship
  • (30/06/24) Junior Captains Trophy


School Name: Ilkley Grammar School

Academic Year: 13


A Level

  • Business:
  • Criminology Level 3 Applied Diploma:
  • Psychology:


  •  Mathematics: 5 (B)
  • English literature: 6 (B)
  • English Language: 6 (B)
  • Combined Science: Trilogy Tier H: 6-6 (B,B)
  • Spanish: 5 (B)
  • Art & Design (Photography): 6 (B)
  •  Geography: 5 (B)

GPA: 3.0

NAIA Clearing House registration #:

SAT Test Score: 1110

School Achievements:

Personal Statement

I hope to maintain and improve my high level of golf throughout my last junior year, allowing me to proceed to a new level of difficulty and challenge, which I’m greatly looking forward to. I aim to finish my junior years of golf on a high with more competition wins, but also travel to more events to meet other outstanding golfers, I then wish to travel to America and further improve my golfing ability as well as attaining a degree qualification, allowing me to become a professional golf coach in years to come. I think becoming a female golf coach who has experienced the game in a variety of countries at a high level will ultimately be inspirational to younger generations, and I hope to enable as many people as possible to fall in love with the sport as much as I am.

Additional Achievements

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