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Marijn Hoogeveen
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 73

Gross Scores: 

Marijn will be in Florida on December the 16th playing in the Miami Doral Junior Classic and the Orange Bowl in the beginning of 2022. He is also waiting on confirmation to play the Orlando Am
7 Iron carry 165 meters 180 yards
5 Iron carry 185 meters 202 yards
Driver carry 255 meters 279 yards


  • 4th Junior Orange Bowl, Fl:71,74,65,71


  • 03/06 German international Boys U18: 76,81,69
  • 23/06 4th place Dutch Futures event @ The Dutch, Pro-Am event: 65,77
  • 06/07 European Boys’ Team Championship qualification: 78,72
  • 31/07 3rd place Dutch national championship U18:75,74,71,73
  • 24/08 5th Voorjaarswedstrijd Heren (Dutch Spring series Men’s) : 72,74,70
  • 02/09 18th place Spanish International boys U19 stroke play 2021: 72,75,70,73
  • 08/10 4th place Dutch national championship U21: 74,71,75


Due to Covid hardly any tournaments were held in the Netherlands.

  • 23rd place Voorjaarswedstrijd Heren (Dutch Spring series Men’s): 74,74
  • 8th place Men’s division Grand prix de La Bruyère, Belgium: 76,70,76


  • 08/06 Dutch national championship U21: 73,79,80,77
  • 09/07 9th place Scottish Boys U16: 72,72,71
  • 17/07 International Dutch junior open U21: 71,76,71,73
  • 03/09 19th place Italian International Boys U16 ‘Teodoro Soldati Trophy: 76,75,73 (+5)
  • 13/09 3rd AF Belgium federal tour: 78,74,74 (+7)


School Name: Johan de Witt-gymnasium

Academic Year: Finished


Graduated in 2021

Dutch gymnasium (highest grade of high school in The Netherlands)

GPA: tbc

NCAA Clearing House registration #: 2111380719

SAT Test Score: tbc

Personal Statement

I’ve have the drive to get the best out of myself, in sports but also in academic achievements. When I was ten years old I got introduced to golf and from that moment my ambition was to become a professional golf player on the Tour. I am always eager to improve my game by listening and learning from others. I also know it takes hard work, commitment and determination to reach this goal.  Next to becoming the best in golf I also want to make sure I receive a good academic qualification. It is my experience that the combination of a sportive and intellectual challenge gets the best out of me. Besides being competitive I am social, loyal and resilient. An example of this is the perseverance I showed when I was recovering from a bike accident in 2019. That year I still finished my schoolyear after being behind for 6 months and was able to make significant progress in my golf game. In a way the accident made me even more determined to reach my goals. It is exciting for me to have the opportunity to travel and experience a different culture, make new friends and learn new things and I am looking forward to get as much out of collegiate golf as possible.

Additional Achievements

  • Graduating my gymnasium (highest level of highschool in the Netherlands) after a bike accident in May 2019 and being behind for a half year.
  • Dutch national teams from 2017 until 2021
  • From 2017- 2019 U16 Dutch team
  • From 2019-2021 U19 team

Swing Footage


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