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Maddison Merritt
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 83

Gross Scores: 


  • Travelled to Turkey for winter training camp
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 82
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 86
  • South Essex college order of merit -gross 83


  • Travelled to Portugal for winter training camp
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 88
  • South Essex college order of merit- gross 87
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 84
  • Thorpe hall golf competition- gross 88


  • Thorndon park junior invitation – gross 84
  • Essex schools’ championships – gross 89
  • Essex girls training abridge
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 85
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 87
  • South Essex college order of merit – gross 84


School Name: Brentwood school

Academic Year: Final year

Btec in Sport and exercise science at South Essex College of Further and Higher education.

  • Anatomy – Merit
  • Physiology- Distinction
  • Psychology- Merit
  • Research methods Distinction
  • Sports nutrition- Distinction
  • Current issues- Distinction

Overall, for first year – Distinction*

Practical individual sports- Distinction

Sports injuries- Distinction

Exercise, health and lifestyle- Distinction

Predicted grade- Distinction*Distinction*


  • Maths 5
  • English Language 6
  • English Literature 6
  • Food Preparation and Nutrition 6
  • Science DD
  • Physical Education 6
  • History D
  • Study Skills B
  • ECDLPass

GPA: 3.0

NCAA Clearing House registration #: TBC

SAT Test Score:TBC


  • CCF (combine cadet force) – Army cadet
  • Rising starts for talented sport athletes
  • Tennis to Essex level
  • Trampolining – becoming second in the UK
  • Swimming and gymnastics to a high level

Personal Statement

Studying Sports Science with golf at an advanced level has confirmed that a golf related career is a path I would love to follow. My first exposure to the sport was in 2016 when I fell in love with the game at first sight and decided becoming a professional golfer was something I wanted to pursue. Academically I am a highly motivated and hardworking individual that has achieved exceptional grades throughout education. I am frequently involved in extracurricular activities involving trampolining and golf where I have tried to pass my enthusiasm and passion on to young potential athletes. My working life up until now has allowed me to expand my key qualities, many of which can relate to a career in sport, most leading me to conquer life lessons. The experience I have gained has led to a balanced professional life involving working as a team, communication on all levels, managing relationships and dealing with grievances and difficulties. I believe that the combination of skills I have learnt academically, socially and through sport coupled with my maturity and transferable work ethic will help me adapt to every new challenge and become the best golfer that I could be.

Additional Achievements

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