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Lorenzo Rigoldi
Date of Birth :
Sex :
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Nationality :
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 72.4

Gross Scores:


  • 4th National Team Championship Qualifying: 70, 73, 67
  • 23/0912th Trofeo città’di piacenza:  71,72,74
  • 25/08 20th Italian national boys team championships, Verona GC: 77,73,71
  • 21/07 4th Torneo National di Qualification: 70,73,67
  • 16/07 9th Mattone D’oro: 78,70,68,70
  • 08/07 T4th G.P. CASTELLO DI TOLCINASCO: 69,70,70
  • 24/06 9th G.P. DI MONTICELLO ARGENTERIE: 70,68,75,76
  • 02/06 11th Gold Snail Trophy, WAGR event: 69,77,73
  • 30/04 T2nd Trofeo Ambrosiano, National Tournament: 74,72
  • 07/04 LXVIII Coppa D’Orso Città di Roma IBL Bank, WAGR event: 71,76,77,77
  • 31/03 9th Verona National Competition, WAGR event: 76,77,74
  • 24/03 9th LXIX TROFEO DEL TIGULLIO: 74,68,78
  • 15/03 Men’s National Championships, Matchplay, 2 qualifying rounds: 80,75
  • 04/03 10th LXX LEONE DI SAN MARCO, WAGR event: 72,78,76,73
  • 23/02 40th Coppa D’oro Mario Camicia tournament, WAGR event: 74,77,75,80
  • 03/02/ 16th Garlenda National Competition, WAGR event: 77,75,77


  • 17/12 4th Amalga Trophy WAGR Event: 69,72,72
  • 4th  LVII Padova Grand Prix WAGR Event: 74,73,72
  • 08/07 4th Trophy of Treviso city 54 holes WAGR Event: 74,73,65 (-1)
  • Winner of the National Garlenda Race 36 holes event:70-74 (par)
  • 08/09 10th Qualifying National Men’s Team Tournament, representing Molinetto Team: 74,73,73
  • 20thGold Snail Trophy 54 holes WAGR Event: 76,71,73
  • 50th Coppa d’oro Mario Camicia Tournament 72 Holes WAGR Event: 76,72,81,75
  • 39th Varese Gran Prix 72 holes WAGR Event: 72,80,77 (last round was canceled due to terrible weather)
  • 25th The 2nd AYSC SERVICE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP 54 Holes WAGR Event: 80,75,74
  • 3rd Salsomaggiore Terme National competition: 71-77Rankings
  • 4th U17 Italian Regional Men’s Average Score
  • 15th U17 Italian National Men’s Average Score Ranking


  • 20th CITY OF CASTELFRANCO National Competition: 77,74
  • Winner of the 2nd TRICOLOR TROPHY EDITION: 74,83 (Terrible weather)
  • 7th place at the Renato Piragino Memorial trophy: 73,74
  • 28th Trophy of Treviso city 54 holes WAGR event: 75,77,73
  • 10th XXIII Boys Challenge Trophy LUCIO VISONA: 74,75
  • 14th Croatia Junior Open WAGR event: 75,73,72
  • 15thMEN’S GOLD CONCA National Tournament: 73,70,75
  • 25th PERUGIA MEN’S Tournament 54 Holes WAGR Event: 76,76,74Rankings
  • 12th in the U16 Italian Regional Men’s Average
  • Score Ranking (73,2 scoring avg)
  • 48th  in the U16 Italian National Men’s Average Score Ranking


  • 36th ARZAGA Federal Trophy: 80,76
  • 18th Renato Piragino Memorial trophy:78,77
  • 48th Federal Youth Trophy by CAFFE’ DEL DOGE: 80,82
  • 36th Regional Lombardy ChampionshipRankings
  • 26th U16 Italian Regional Men’s Average
  • Score Ranking (79,1 scoring avg)
  • 132 in the U16 National Men’s average score Ranking


School Name: The European School of Milan

Academic Year: Year 13


  • History: 8/10 (B)
  • Math: 7/10 (B)
  • P.E: 10/10 (A)
  • Science: 7/10 (B)
  • English: 7/10 (B)
  • I.C.T: 7/10 (B)
  • Philosophy: 7/10 (B)
  • Economics 7/10 (B)

GPA: 3.125

NCAA Clearing House registration #: TBC

TOEFL Test Score: 70


Personal Statement

Ambition is a goal or objective to achieve in a person’s words):
lifetime. In order to succeed in life, one must have a goal. An aimless man is like a ship without a compass. My ambition is to study abroad, finding a university that Sample allows me to combine what I like to study: economics and business. I would therefore be able to commit myself to the maximum and pursue a degree in one of these two fascinating subjects.
Business is a subject has always thrilled me, because as coming from a background of a family business, I have been inspired by my parents from a very young age,
since they run their own business.
Moreover business is a versatile subject which gives me to improve my analytical skills, problem solving abilities, and logical thinking. It is a field of study which is interconnected with many other captivating subjects such as economics, maths, computer science and psychology, which also include lots of practical applications.
Today business requires you not just to balance the study of books, but it is also about investments, shares, management of assets, people, opportunities and risks. On the other hand, I would love to follow my passion and lifelong dream of becoming a professional golf player. I would love to have the opportunity to get a scholarship at the university of my dreams where I would have the chance to be part of a team where I could train, develop my full potential and win tournaments with my team.

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