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Joe McCandless
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 77

Gross Scores: 


  • Trentham: 80
  • Brocton: 72
  • Whittington: 82
  • Trentham: 79
  • Brocton: 80
  • Trentham: 82
  • Brocton: 75
  • Brocton: 73
  • Brocton: 77
  • Carnoustie: 74
  • The Astbury: 78


  • Winner Robert Rock Junior Tour, Formby
  • Winner Robert Rock Junior Tour, Wharton Park 
  • Tied 3rd Robert Rock Junior Tour U18 OOM
  • 2nd Place in Junior Club Championship Gross, Brocton Hall Golf Club


School Name: Stafford Grammar School

Academic Year: 13


A LEVELs ( predicted)

  • Business Studies: A
  • Geography: A
  • Sport: A


  • English Literature: A
  • Business Studies: A
  • Sport: A
  • English Language: B
  • Geography: B
  • Maths: B
  • Physics: B
  • Biology: B
  • German: C
  • Chemistry: C

GPA: 3.1

NCAA/NAIA Clearing House registration #: tbc

SAT Test Score:


Personal Statement

Since starting golf my aim has been to be a Tour Professional. During 2023, I have realised how much it would take to achieve this and have therefore made sacrifices in my life, I will continue to do this. I have focused on S&C with a TPI coach, I practice golf every day and manage my education well with good predicted grades. Since I started in the gym, I have worked very hard on my posture, my physical strength and my diet. This change has meant that I have not had the season I wished for in 2023, I know these improvements will help me in the long run. Despite not seeing the benefits of a handicap reduction I have maintained consistency despite changing my posture so much. The last year has taught me that hard work pays off and I am committed to developing further to fulfil my aim. I thrive on being part of a team, something I have experienced for my whole life as a keen sportsman, and I particularly like working with other dedicated individuals. I was delighted this year to be accepted onto Foresight Sports UpNext Player Development Programme which will contribute to further improvements.  I am hopeful that I will be successful in coming to the US to continue my studies whilst playing a higher level of golf which will then support me becoming a Tour Pro. I am committed to continuing my journey by working hard and focusing on all areas of the game. I am also very driven to underpin my golf with a good solid degree which will develop me as a person.  

Additional Achievements


  • Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh – Completed
  • Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award – will complete Dec 2023 
  • Qualified Lifeguard
  • Senior Sports Captain for School House
  • Academy Football, 3 seasons 
  • Qualified for joint Robert Rock and Faldo Series Event 2022 and 2023 (WAGR events)
  • Signed to Foresight Sports UpNext Player Development Programme 
  • Junior Club Captain, Uttoxeter Golf Club

Swing Footage

Social Media


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