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Hrithika Bhugvandeen
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 83

Gross Scores: 


  • Sunday Stableford, Harborne GC: 84
  • Centenary Salvar Trophy, Harborne GC: 80
  • Stableford Final, Harborne GC: 81
  • Ladies EG Medal/ Extra Medal, Harborne GC: 83
  • Ladies Whitbread Trophy, Harborne GC: 85
  • Ladies July EG Medal/ Presidents Cup, Harborne GC: 84
  • Ladies Club Championships, Harborne GC: 83,89
  • Ladies EG Medal, Harborne GC: 85
  • Fraley Cup, Harborne GC: 84
  • Peter McGovern Trophy, Harborne GC: 79


  • 3/3/19 Maylands Golf Club, IMG Junior World Championship Qualifier, 86
  • 1/4/19 Wollaton Park Golf Club,Dom Pedro Junior Masters Qualifier, 84
  • 2/4/19 Droitwich Golf Club, Droitwich Girls Open, 83
  • 1/5/19 Belfry Golf Club, Junior Away Medal, 85
  • 2/7/19 Harborne Golf Club, President’s Cup Qualifier, 88
  • 1/7/19 Dom Pedro Victoria, Dom Pedro Junior Masters, 80,81,83
  • 4/7/19 Stratford Oaks Golf Club, Warwickshire Girls Championships, 82,90
  • 1/8/19 Wharton Park Golf Club, Rob Rock Junior Golf Tour, 87
  • 12/819 Belfry Golf Club, Junior Away Medal, 77
  • 18/8/19 Represented Robert Rock Junior Tour 1/2 singles match


School Name: Bartley Green School

Academic Year: Year 12


A Levels

  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology


  • English Language 7 A
  • English Literature 6 B
  • Mathematics 5 B
  • Biology (Triple Science) 6 B
  • Chemistry 5 B
  • Physics 5 B
  • History7 A
  • Religious Education 9 A*
  • Media Studies B
  • French 5 B

GPA: 3.3

NCAA Clearing House registration #: 1908655505

SAT Test Score: 1030


  • Scholarship at the Belfry Academy
  • Warwickshire County Girls Team
  • Represented Harborne Ladies Team
  • Girls Golf Rocks Ambassador (Warwickshire County and The Belfry Juniors)
  • Robert Rock Junior Golf Tour Ryder Cup Team member
  • Robert Rock Junior Golf representative at the Dom Pedro Junior Masters in Portugal

Personal Statement

I am incredibly passionate about playing golf because it provides me with a challenge, focus, a self-determination and desire to succeed and enjoy myself at the same time. It encourages me to stay in the present and have an acceptance as things will not always go the way I planned. I have also been able to maintain self-discipline, a positive attitude and mindset to everything that I do or encounter and I am able to apply these skills to life outside golf too. Being able to attend university in the United States will be an honour and will help intensify my passion and ambition in golf. I am committed and will continue to work hard and improve my game with the support and expertise of experienced professionals, whilst reading for a university degree at the same time. This will drive me towards earning a place on the LPGA Tour/ LET, as this has been my ambition ever since taking up the sport and competing around the UK with other golfers on various Junior Tours. I aspire to be a role model for younger golfers, especially girls – to inspire, motivate and encourage them to take up golf and develop through the sport.

Additional Achievements

  • Published poetry and short stories in several Young Writers Association anthologies.
  • Student Leader, Peer Mentor, School Council Chairperson.
  • Head of Prom and Yearbook Committee,
  • School Ambassador.
  • The Brilliant Club (1st in University Philosophy course).
  • Pupil of the Year (Year 8/9).
  • Subject Achievement (English, Geography, Science).

Swing Footage


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Instagram URL: @hrithikabgolf

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