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Elijah Carter-Aleksic
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Golf Resume

Scoring Average: 80

Gross Scores: 


  • 21/05 Delamere Forest GC Match vs Styal: 83
  • 22/05 Won Match Royal Liverpool Match vs Caldy
  • 25/07 Sky Sports Qualifier Burford GC: 79
  • 29/07 Cheshire U18 Boys 36holes, Delamere Forest GC: 80,83
  • 31/07 St Andrews Boys Open: 79
  • 21/08 8th Wallasey GC Open: 77
  • 01/09 Faldo Series, Le Golf National, Paris


  • Runner up, Vale Royal Abbey Junior Open: 78
  • St Andrews Boys Open 2021: 79,83,85
  • Cheshire Boy’s 36 Hole Open: 78,79
  • Delamere Junior Open 78


  • Winner Vale Royal Abbey Presidents Cup
  • Runner up Vale Royal Abbey Major board competition Gilmour trophy: 79


School Name: Kings School Chester

Academic Year: Year 12



  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Physical Education
  • Maths: 6 (B)
  • English literature: 9 (A**)
  • English language: 7 (A)
  • Double Science: 7,6 (A,B)
  • Geography:6 (B)
  • Drama: 6 (B)
  • Physical Education: 8 (A*)
  • Design & Technology: 7 (A)

GPA: 3.6

NCAA Clearing House registration #: TBC

SAT Test Score: TBC


  • Vale Royal Abbey Junior Captain 2018-2020

Personal Statement

Talent is not remarkable. People say to me “your so talented” but it doesn’t mean what they think it means. It doesn’t mean I worked hard. It means I was lucky or blessed or whatever else you want to put a name to it.
I have talent in sports. I’ve known this since I was able to throw or hit a ball.
I’ve played football and tennis. I climb, wakeboard and run.
But game of Golf just makes sense to me. The fairways, lies, where the ball has to go. I’m already playing out what is going to happen to the ball, tracing the lines and movement.
It is far too easy to view talent as an excuse. For me it is a motivator.
I will accept nothing less than a dream that only a tiny percentage of people ever get to experience. After experiencing Boy’s amateur golf at St Andrew’s this year for the first time, I am willing to work hard and wring every last accomplishment from myself.
My scoring is not as low as my peers at the moment, but my mind is my weapon. My positivity is my greatest attribute.

Additional Achievements

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